Welcome to my blog! This is my first blog post so here goes! My name is Elsa Robinson. I was born in Toronto, raised in Jamaica and I am now living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I always wanted to have a career in art, and in 1999 I finally decided to start this career. It has been an interesting journey. I started out with completing one painting in the first year of this career. The following year I think I completed two batik paintings and perhaps one acrylic painting. Yes, it has been a slow and steady process.

When I started, I wanted to put my art ‘into the streets’. So, I had images of my paintings silk screened onto t-shirts. I used to sell those shirts at festivals and farmers’ markets. Later though I stopped selling the shirts so that I could put more time into making new work. A few years later I decided to get a degree in art. It made sense that if I wanted to apply for art grants or to submit work for art shows, that I had a credential to verify my status as an artist. And I love studying. So, I signed up to take an after degree majoring in Art and Design. During my studies I fell in love with sculpture and also started working more in mixed media collage.

My interest in collage started when I was quite young. I remember collecting dried leaves, tree bark, shells and twigs and using them to make pictures. I enjoyed playing with colours, and enjoyed art classes in high school and college in Jamaica. I think collage is perhaps the medium that comes most naturally to me. My mother used to collect dried plants and twigs to make floral arrangements – so I think this idea of collecting different objects and using them to create new and beautiful compositions had a big influence on my art practice.

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