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The Artists Bio


Elsa Robinson is an Edmonton-based mixed media artist, sculptor and painter whose decades-long devotion to artistic practice has imbued her work with vibrancy, versatility and an intuitive spiritual poignancy. Through her years of study, both as a self-taught artist and as a graduate of the University of Alberta's Art and Design program, Elsa has honed the ability to transmit, through a range of visual modes, her deep love and care for humanity.

Through careful attention to colour, shape, texture, intuition and the power of cultural symbols, Elsa is able to express the notions of love, friendship, inner strength, equality and ancestral connection that most powerfully guide her own life. For her ability to distill, in the space of a single image, the wisdom and experiences that are most important to the human condition, Elsa Robinson has become a celebrated and award-winning artist. Most notably, Elsa was the recipient of the 2012 Fill Fraser Award for Outstanding Work in Visual Arts, as awarded by the National Black Coalition of Canada.

Elsa Robinson is also a passionate and experienced arts educator who facilitates workshops for artists of all ages and experience levels. She is a Registered Service Provider with Edmonton Public Schools facilitating workshops in both English and French. 

Elsa's devotion, skill, craft and spiritual fortitude has allowed her to forge a much-respected and versatile place within the artistic communities of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where she has lived since 1984. She is a community builder who uses her remarkable artistry to create conversation, reflection and moments of undeniable emotional connection, wherein the humanity of the viewer, and the artist herself, is held in mutual integrity and esteem.

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